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Pathway Marketing

The success of your business today can be marked by an increase in sales, or awareness or marketshare. But it should also be defined by the depth and breadth of your connections with customers, partners and vendors. This community of influences is the next frontier in marketing and Pathway Marketing is here to take you on that journey.

Unified Approach: Sales & Marketing

We want to work with you to build a plan to meet your business and revenue goals. Our mission is to create an integrated sales and marketing strategy and execution plan that provides quantifiable results.

In marketing, we understand that sales and marketing are not always aligned, resources can be scarce, while expectations are unyielding. We understand that marketing groups have enormous pressure to deliver valuable, tangible and immediate programs, solutions and ultimately, results, to the business. We are here to deliver those results!

Combined Value: Technology & Alliance Marketing

With more than 20 years of Technology and Alliance Marketing experience, we have deep experience with the most influential companies and technologies on the market, including Cloud, Data Center, Virtualization and Networking.

We offer the following technology marketing expertise:

  • Technology & Product Marketing, e.g. Cloud, Data Center, Virtualization, Networking, Professional Services
  • Strategic Alliance Marketing, e.g. IBM, Cisco, VCE, EMC, HP, VMware, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, Red Hat
  • Channel Marketing, e.g. work closely with channel partners defining self-service and joint marketing programs
  • Content Enablement, e.g. Website, social media, sales & marketing collateral, and content development
  • Virtual Team Development & Placement, we have (or will find) the right team to achieve your marketing needs

Contact: Courtney Tucker

Phone: 919-633-0928