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Cloud is the hottest technology since wireless internet. Most high tech companies have a cloud offering or they are devising their cloud strategy and policies. Pathway Marketing has worked with some of the largest cloud infrastructure providers in the market. We have created comprehensive sales enablement, partner enablement and marketing resources to support their cloud programs. The trick to creating a cloud marketing plan is to understand both the cloud infrastructure features and how customers will interact with the cloud. What applications will be in the cloud, what policies will govern those applications and what services can cloud providers offer to make a CIO’s life easier?

Data Center

Data Center technology is enjoying a renaissance in the marketplace – for the most thanks to virtualization technology. For many years it was merely what powered all the systems throughout the company. Not too many people gave it much thought. Now the data center is truly the centralized intelligence that a companies cannot live without. With cutting edge technology, such as virtualization, the data center is now revenue generator that enables companies to respond faster to changing environments and focus on innovating instead of just keeping the lights on.


The huge groundswell of demand for cloud technology would not have been possible without virtualization. Virtualization has made data center (and thus cloud) technology economically feasible and technologically more flexible to manage.





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